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Environmental issues and approaches in Khaidarkan

Most of the mercury and other pollutants that enter the
environment from the Khaidarkan kombinat consist of
gaseous emissions from the mercury smelter or from
waste streams that are generated during mining and
processing of the ore. Over 13 million tonnes of slag,
4 million tonnes of tailings and several million tonnes of waste rock deposited in close proximity to the town are posing signifiant instability and pollution risks to the community. Next to these huge deposits, there also is a smaller sludge pond that contains several thousand tonnes of high concentration mercury waste originating from the mercury purifiation process. Water is draining from all these waste sites, none of which are contained or fenced off. Water is used for irrigation or is drunk by cattle in the area. Mercury is probably transported away from these areas, slowly but steadily, entering the global cycle. None of the other mercury mines recently closed has had
  comparable amounts of waste stored on the surface – most of these facilities “backfiled” such waste
into the shafts or buried it beneath soil and clay caps.

There are a number of straightforward measures that
can reduce the local and global negative environmental impacts from these sites. Such activities comprise capping, water drainage modifiations, and re-vegetation. National experience of such remediation work is limited but the technical requirements can be fulfiled with existing workforce. Implementation of remediation measures would also create relevant employment in Khaidarkan over several years and create skills which can then be utilized at other hazardous waste sites in the region. Given that Khaidarkan is a state-owned company, there is limited local capacity for investing in environmental remediation.

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