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 Numerous small gold deposits in Southern Kyrgyzstan are known but not yet exploited. Khaidarkan could be developed into central hub for gold processing serving operating mines and support further development in the region.  
 Potential activities:  
 Upgrade and modification of the existing ore enrichment plant to treat gold-bearing sulphide ore at the rate of about 200 tonnes per day (based on a concrete proposal by a foreign investor). 70
 Construction of a new ore enrichment plant to treat gold-bearing sulphide ore at the rate of about 1300 tonnes/day. 150
 Installation of a modern BIOX facility for treatment of the refractory sulphide concentrates produced by gold mining operations around the Ferghana Valley. At present, the nearest commercial facility is in northern Kazakhstan. 50
 Transformation of the Khaidarkan plantís mining department into a mining contracting organisation. 150
 Development and exploitation of gold deposits and ore processing. -1000
Gypsum  Production of gypsum panels and gypsum for the building industry. The Kann gypsum deposit is located 25 km to the north of the Khaidarkan with possible reserves of 1.8 million tons. 90
Bentonite  Bentonite is a clay material and fids a wide range of applications ranging from cosmetics, food industry, drilling and heavy industry to remediation works. Deposits are located in the vicinity of Khaidarkan. 75
Magnesite and serpentinite  Materials can be used for fie resistant brick production, natural magnesium fertilizer and for asphalt and concrete mixtures of various categories.
 Deposits are located 20 km north of the Khaidarkan Mercury Plant.
Small scale alternative
employment opportunities
 Small grants, micro credits and training for developing small businesses such as handicraft, repair services, construction, transport, foodstuff production etc. 100-200
Environment and health
risk reduction
 Required environmental safeguard measures in polluted areas are a short term economic and employment opportunity in the region. Measures might include remediation of the sludge pond, slag heaps and tailings. 20-100





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