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 The use of mercury is being reduced throughout the world due to its effects on human health and the environment. Certain forms of mercury and its compounds can damage neurological development and affect internal organs. Mercury can spread far and wide through air and water. It is
ingested by fih and other marine life, where it becomes concentrated as it moves up the food chain.


There is now only one known mercury mine in the world which continues to sell its output abroad: Khaidarkan, in the remote mountains of southern Kyrgyzstan.

What will happen to this “kombinat” is still far from clear. For the international community, continuing mercury mining raises significant concerns. Limiting mercury supply is one of the key elements to any comprehensive global approach to address mercury.












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Яндекс.Метрика Прием на переработку вторичной ртути, ртутьсодержащих отходов, приборов, люминесцентных и других ртутных ламп